Unless you scan through the newspaper, specifically finance section, then there is hardly any chance of you being aware of Payment Protection Insurance. Sadly, this policy has been in lime light in the media for reasons that are not appreciable. It is an umbrella term for loan, credit card and income. If you have bought a loan or mortgage there is very possibility that you made the payment using some form of financial plan?  In addition to being provided a warranty, you might have been offered an insurance cover to help you in repayments if you face redundancy or illness. If yes then you might have been the victim of mis selling of the policy.

If you think that you were pressurised to buy the policy; you were paying for it without any prior knowledge or you were sold the policy without any need of it then you can apply for reclaim. There has been a constant rise in the number of people filing for The PPI Claims. It is advised that you take the help of experienced professionals so that lending firm or bank does not reject your application because of your sheer lack of knowledge. Just get started to obtain your money back.

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