The rise in PPI Claims is not at all surprising because a large number of UK citizens have been the victim of MIS sold PPI. The policy holders were fumed upon learning that they never needed Payment Protection Insurance, in the first place. The controversies only got bigger that PPI is an optional coverage. If you are one of the victims of mis sold payment protection insurance then it is high time to file for compensation. It is essential for you to prove that you have been mis sold PPI. The approach of selling is just the one reason.

Enlisted are situations in which you can file for PPI Claim:

•    You were not informed that it is an optional coverage. Instead you were given an impression that it is standard and mandatory.

•    It was automatically added on your loan or credit card without informing you about its nature and purpose.

•    Lenders and bank use different kinds of selling strategies. For instance, a buyer would be told that his loan application would be given an approval only if agrees to buy the policy.

•    Not all the option related to PPI was discussed with a buyer. If a buyer decides to purchase PPI, he was not told about other lower premium options.

Above are just a few scenarios when you can file for PPI Claims. So, just be alert when you are buying a loan or credit card.

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