Are you afraid of taking a loan because you are unsure as to how to pay it back? Are you shying away from borrowing because you are apprehensive of the uncertain future? Now, there is a way to get your borrowings secured and, in fact, insured. Payment protection insurance gives you this much-needed facility to provide protection coverage to all your borrowings. This payment protection insurance policy can be bought while taking the loan itself. Some lenders even sell the policies while granting the funds. However, there are various things which you need to know in regard to this, since there have been many misconceptions and ill-informed notions that have led to differences in opinions and have given birth to legal disputes.

If a company, organization or an individual sells you the policy by feeding you with wrong information or by planting some incorrect notion inside your head, then it is a case of MIS sold PPI. Many people have fallen for such traps in recent past. Thus, their investments have got stuck. But now, there are some websites that can salvage something for you if you have been MIS sold PPI. The experts use all their legal prowess and prudence to help you claim your money back with security and lawfulness.

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