Men and money are inseparable from each other. Men need money all the time for business use or for investing in any domestic purchase. Quite often, one has to knock at the doors of lenders who can lend them sufficient money at an agreeable rate and with agreeable terms & conditions. One major drawback which often dissuades people from making long-term borrowings is the fear of non-payment. Suppose, you borrow a fund for a period of 5 years! Now, after the completion of 5 years, if you are not in a position to repay the money, then you may have to sell off your property or may have to dispose of vital assets.

Such a thoughT can be unnerving, since such adversity will put a question mark about the future of your spouse and children. Therefore, it is very satisfying to know that one can avail the facility of payment protection insurance. This policy gives you a cushioning against long-term loans and pays for your liabilities under certain pre-defined conditions. However, people are also being MIS sold PPI, when the policy is sold to them under wrong information. If you have bought this policy without having full knowledge of its structure or after being misrepresented, then this is a clear case of cheating.

It implies that the money which you have been investing in this insurance is going down the drains, since you will not get the claim when the time comes. In this regard, you must equip yourself with full knowledge. It is true that the policy cushions you against medical disorders (excluding mental or psychological ones), injuries, sickness, bankruptcy and unemployment. But there is a catch! If certain facts were hidden from you, then you may have bought it under a delusion. For instance, one cannot make any claims if the person was unemployed during the purchase of the policy. Similarly, you do not enjoy any benefit if the medical disease you are suffering from is owing to stress & anxiety. Plus, if you were already covered by an alternative insurance program and have still been asked to purchase the policy, then it is a case of MIS sold PPI.

Fortunately, several organizations are emerging to provide some relief to the victims of this scam. In the last few years, quite a few organizations have been set up to help people reclaim payment protection insurance money. Thanks to the internet, the awareness has spread very fast and hundreds of victims have already benefited from these programs.

A genuine and reputed expert goes through your case meticulously and examines it to the hilt. After it is verified that you had been victimized by the scammers, a plan is chalked out to help you get back your money. On your part, you just have to fill up a basic form to feed info to these experts. They, thereafter, do everything in their power to ensure that you are able to reclaim payment protection insurance. They also provide you with proper advice so that you are not fooled anytime in the future and can make profitable & secure insurance-related investments.

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