The office of ombudsman is  now flooded  with Payment Protection Insurance claims. A person can claim refund on a mis-sold Payment protection Insurance. Research on this policy revealed that the policy is usually sold to a person without his knowledge.  Even is the person is enlightened of the policy, he is not fully told.  Many people end up buying the policy even when they do not need one. There are people who had to take a policy and yet paid their premiums on time. The policy is compulsory to some financial agencies despite the paying capability of the consumer.

As rule the insurance agent has to fully explain the policy and also ask the customer if he agrees for the policy and if the policy is necessary for him.

One can claim a refund in such cases. The claims can be made even for loan taken long time back and is repaid. Payment Protection Insurance Claim is usually complicated because one signs the policy without fully reading the lines printed in small letters not visible to naked eye. Even if one reads it, he does not fully understand what it actually means. It is better to go through an agency.

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